Posted by: savayla | September 22, 2009

Finally plucked up the courage

 Sheer abandon.

Sheer abandon.

My daughter bought new swimming goggles today.  Her last pair is being worn by an orangutan in Sabah, Borneo, after her mom (me ) threw them down the waterfall.  Long story, but he is also enjoying the crisp, cool water in a stainless steel cup and has digested a cheese and tomato sandwhich.  All separate incidents which included me concussing myself on a rock.

She has just headed out the door for a swim, wearing nothing but her goggles.  I wish I were that brave.  This is all she needed.

Today I finally decided that enough was enough, I need to get my blog up and running.  What has stopped me ?  Not laziness, I already have one that i started a year ago but since leaving South Africa and the yacht behind, did not continue.  Then the one that a friend started for me about travelling in South East Asia.  But I wanted mine, my own personal little domain where I can whinge and WINE, and no one cares or edits me. I just didn’t have the courage to do it and was sitting on my arse and waiting for dear old hubby to do it for me.

So here it is.  I am going to play with it, add from my previous blogs, go back in time and hop, skip and jump around.  Because I can !!  It is all pretty new to me, but that is good, it will stretch my mind.

I’m off for a swim, with just my goggles on …….


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