Posted by: savayla | September 22, 2009

Geckos and Debutante Balls

It is amazing what you can achieve if you don’t open the black hole the first thing in the morning.  In one and a half hours, instead of finding a new recipe that I don’t need right now, or reading some gossip that I really can do without, I have baked a loaf of bread, fried up some French toast using up yesterdays loaf, experimented with my pan by making one naan bread, and washed all the bloody windows in the whole house, except for my two .  Don’t want to wake up hubby and younger daughter.

Today he is FReeeeeeeeee.  If you have ever watched that really nice movie Bedtime Stories, you will know where I am coming from.

Yesterday two funny things happened with my daughters.  So different, so funny.

Hysterically Funny Little one brings a tiny , dead gecko and asks me to please take its skin off.  Of course I say no.  why, she wants to ask.  Because it is too small to skin, I reply.   “Well I am going to do it myself “.  A little later on I hear her call to me “this is a very sticky project mom “.  Oh yeah, well I guess this was my main reason NOT to skin a 5 cm gecko.

Next Savannah.  I made chicken wings and chips for supper.  She has always been a very enthusiastic eater.  I remember when she was a toddler and still in her high chair, she used to have her food everywhere but in her mouth.  Never played with it, just loved it.  She is the only child I know that can get more of a 1 square piece of chocolate around her mouth than in.  So dad says to her  “I can just imagine what will happen when you are at the debutantes ball eating with your fingers “.  To which she replies, quite seriously “ But I don’t have anything to wear “.  This from a child that does not know that fashion exists.  Which proves that a woman worrying what to wear is instinctual.


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