Posted by: savayla | September 22, 2009

Homeschooling Decisions

I wrote this post a while ago in March and since then have ordered, received and done a month of Enki.  WOW, look at my future blogs on Enki as it is truly amazing.

I love homeschooling but to be honest, I have been avoiding it for a while.  The actually academic , sit down and write stuff.  The boring stuff.  I have not completely done nothing, we learn a lot on the internet, Kids National Geographic being my girls favourite.  They have learnt all about the hardship of the leatherback turtle on its annual migration whilst playing a game that has them swimming against the currents, through the storms, through seaweed, human trash, and all the while making sure to eat their staple diet of jellyfish to keep up their energy.  Savannah also learnt a lot about the artifacts that are found in an ancient Egyptian tomb, and how to recognize who is buried there by the types of artifacts present with the mummy.  I learnt a lot .

I have spent the past two weeks researching different homeschool curriculums.  I was all for doing my own curriculum, but now think that I need some guidance.  Do I ?  I think I do.  SO the search was on.  Always liked Sonlight, but after having seen a friends curriculum the other day, decided that it was too much of a “text book” approach.  Not why I have chosen to homeschool the girls.  Might as well send them to school to get bored.

Then I looked at Oakmeadow which a lady is doing here.  Very nice, but also too much structure.  That linked me onto Christopherus which really excited me.  I sent off a few emails, received a few back, and thought that this was it.  It follows Waldorf and Donna seemed switched on.  But, I did have a few more niggles about it.  As I was busy doing more research, I came across another one that I have never heard of.  Enki.  Look it up.  Wonderful and so inspiring.  Expensive, but well worth it.

Hard at school

Hard at school


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