Posted by: savayla | September 22, 2009

Golden Syrup

21 May 2009 –  Langkawi, Malaysia

It is raining today, a nice constant rain which is so cool.  I woke up early to start my yoga regime, again.  Instead of sitting down straight at my computer, I made the fruit salad bowls (mango, paw pay and watermelon today ) and then made the suji porridge.  I think it is like tasty wheat , made from semolina, but it tastes much better than the store bought products.  Tastier and healthier too.

Made my syryp the other day.  It was so easy and tastes sooooo good.  A slight hint of lime and lemon fragrance.  When I was at the shop yesterday, I found various bottles of syrup.  Damn, I thought. I  can buy it here.  I started picking them up one by one, and I first noticed that they were runny, not thick and gloopy like my syrup.  Then I read the ingredients .  YIKES !!!  I mean, What the …..!!!  Corn syrup and a host of other nasty stuff.  My syrup ?  Sugar, water, a fresh lime and slices of lemon.  That is it !!!

Here is the recipe.  Enjoy and be healthy.


700ml water

450ml sugar

3 slices lemon (wash lemon first  and try to remove pips )

1 lime, sliced into rings (washed and pips removed )

Boil until golden brown

Remove citrus peels  ( they can be cooled down and eaten later )

Pour into steralized jar.

Make sure to clean the pot immediately or else the syrup will be hard to remove.

Golden Syrup


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