Posted by: savayla | September 23, 2009


I am a sucker for sweet things.  Especially an after dinner drink like Cape Velvet or Bailies Irish Cream.  In South Africa we have another version which is Amarula .  Made from the fruit of the Marula tree.  I am sure you have all seen footage of the elephants and baboons drunk and dozy in the african savanna, after eating the overripe and fermented marula fruit which has fallen down.

I had perfected the art of making my own Cape Velvet a few years ago and since alcohol is so expensive here in Malaysia I have been making it.  In Borneo I used a cheap brandy which we used to cook with in the restaurant .  Here in Langkawi, which is a duty-free island, I can afford to have the best XO French brandy for the same price.  It is the cheapest here.

After drinking our version of Cape Velvet for a couple of months, a friend gave us a litre bottle of Bailies Irish that she had bought duty free in Labuan, Borneo.   Well, it tasted so artificial (and I used to drink it !! ) that I didn’t touch it afterwards and eventually we gave half a bottle away when we left.  (Kyle will sometimes drink anything  🙂 )

Cape Velvet is made with Brandy and Bailies Irish Cream is made with Whiskey.

Here is the recipe.  Enjoy !!!

Cape Velvet

Cape Velvet


1 tin of condensed milk   (about 375g )

1 tin of ideal milk  (510g)

375ml brandy  (whiskey if you are making Bailies )

1 tsp vanilla essence

1-2 tsp strong coffee (not instant, but fresh, good coffee.  Hot Chocolate if you are making Bailies )

Mix all together and put into a sterlized bottle.  Refrigerate.   Can be drunk straight away .


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