Posted by: savayla | September 23, 2009

Green Dustbins

We are great believers in living clean and green.  For us this amounts to recycling, buying organic vegetables, fruit, meat and eggs, trying to save water and electricity, reducing plastic bags, and so on.  Our biggest problem though, is that we are not settled down in our own home  and living on a small island in Malaysia and find it very difficult where we are at the moment.

Asia loves plastic .  Everything is plastic.  There is a huge warehouse down the road from me which is called the Ekonomi Shop.  Plastic heaven.  We hate it.  I walked my feet bare trying to find grass dustbins for our bathrooms and bedrooms in Sabah, but all I could find was either plastic or they were just too expensive.

That is the other ugly in life.  Do you help to save the environment at a cost to your own financial health ?  I don’t think so.  I think that you have to do the best that you can in the situation that you find yourselves.  I sorted out the dustbin problem by buying a sheath of large brown paper  that they sell here for wrapping food in. With these I make origami boxes and these are then thrown away, with the rubbish, when they are full.  They work wonderfully .

We make a few different types of boxes when the girls and I are doing origami, but this is the best and easiest box to make for dustbins, chips, etc.  I even made two small ones one day and placed 3 of the homemade Pineapple Jam Tarts the girls and I had made in them, for the washing machine technician  and his helper .

In Thailand, we saw many ingenious dustbins.  The best was grass dustbins which had banana leaves inside as a liner.

Muffin loves these boxes

Muffin loves these boxes


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