Posted by: savayla | September 23, 2009

New Friends Passing Through

I have got very used to living a life where everyday brings something different .  I dont’ know if I could will be able to handle a conventional life now.  Mmmmm, something to think about as we want to settle down for good in Australia .

Living on the yacht was incredible when it came to socialization and community living.  Living here in Langkawi is very similar.  We are all living an unusual life, have different stories.  The other day I met a woman who lives here in Langkawi on her yacht, whom I had met 17 years ago in Phuket, Thailand, on her yacht.  Small world.

Wednesday nights is our night to go out and have a meal on Cenang Beach.  We spread our grass blanket, poured the wine and settled in while the girls swam.  Ayla immediately befriended a woman who was looking after her kids.  This turned into one of those brief but pleasurable friendships.  We spent the night at the Babylon bar, Ayla dancing the night away, and then I picked them up on Friday for a playdate at our place.  Kids got on extremely well and the boys Samuel and Harry enjoyed swimming in the pool, playing with other kids, climbing trees and playing cops and robbers.  Us adults started with tea and water and then progressed onto beer and wine whilst discussing life.

It was great to meet another like minded couple.  From Jersey, they decided to go on a years adventure.  Their friends thought they were crazy.  They rented their house out, packed up and left.  A few weeks in Asia, then they are off camping in Australia for 3 months, New Zealand and then Canada.

The girls are upset they have left but are used to new friends passing through.  They do have their stable friends here, but new ones are exciting with different games and new input.

Good luck Mark, Angela, Samuel, Harry and Flossie on your travels.  Hope to see you again one day.  It is a small world.

Flossie, Harry, Samuel, Savannah and Ayla

Flossie, Harry, Samuel, Savannah and Ayla



  1. This is great – fab blog. This is quite a good blog too, perhaps you have come accross it? Hope all well – love you all

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