Posted by: savayla | October 1, 2009

Book Awards, Publishers, etc

Newbery Medal , Man  Booker, Pulitzer Prize , Young Readers Choice Awards, Beefeaters Awards……..   Dorling Kindersley , Usborne Publishing, , Harper Collins, Barefoot books, Kingfisher, Readers Digest, Penguin, Oxford, Puffin…..

When we see any of these names on a childrens book of any type, whether it be a novel, a classic or a picture book, we always assume, and mostly we are correct, that these are outstanding books.   I love Usborne Publishers the most.  They have the right people that kick out all the rubbish and only print the really good stuff.  I have yet to find an Usborne book that has not lived up to its reputation.

DK.  Also very good, I am rarely dissapointed.  Especially their encyclopedias.

Readers Digest.  Mostly good, an oddball here and there.

Puffin.  Many people have said that they take the classics and rewrite them with a lot of political corrections.  Apparently, they have taken the Water Babies, and taken all the anit-American sentiments out, leaving all the anti-Irish in.  Mmmmmm.   Trust not….

The reason for this blog you may wonder.  I was in Singapore now for a week on our 3 monthly visa run.  We went on a book run, as i call it.  Pounded the pavements in search of cheap second hand books and also some new ones.  Brah Bassar road and Orchard Road.  See my link on Island Living.

I had done quite a bit of research on on books on natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis (have just happened now in Somoa and Indonesia, with two typhoons in Phillipines, having a windy day and won’t allow my kids on the beach till it all BLOWS over ).  Couldn’t find anything although I am sure it is out there and my search was not proficient.  Went to Kinokoniya in Orchard Road, Singapore.  Love that bookstore.  There I found two books on natural disasters.  One was softcover and very slim but had won a literary award .  The other was hardcover, 144 pages, and the only name on it was” hello friend”.  That is it.  Written, illustrated, published and printed in India.  No awards.  Nothing.  No publication year, nothing.  So which should I buy ?  My brain was rooting for the award winning book which had pictures of the 2004 Tsunami, my gut feel for the unknown book which was so full of facts, mythology, pictures, explanations.

Do you bet on the dark horse or go for the suggested winner .  Being me, i went for the dark horse and I think I won.  And it got me thinking of clothing brands.  I am not a brand person, will not go and buy a Ronald Sasoon, or Luis Vatoon,.  Ok, halt right there, I think I have really made a huge mess up on these words.  Are these actually brand names ?  I think it is meant to be Luis Vitton.  Shows how much I know.  Let me see how many i know offhand without doing a google check … Calvin Klein, Levis, Victorias Secret, Billabong, United Colours of Benneton, … that is all I can think of and I know that I am old fashioned.  Aah, Stella McCarthey has just popped into my mind as she was in the news because of her fathers marriage to that ex-prostitute.  Ha ha .

A long tangent here.  My point here is that I have just bought a very good, cheap book, which I have checked a lot of its facts on the internet and they are all true.  Yet it is not a brand label.  A bloody good book though.  Makes you think, doesn’t it ….


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