Posted by: savayla | October 5, 2009

Number Qualities in Enki

I love Enki.  Last month we did our first block and it was Number Qualities.  This included the magic number 0-9, Greater and lesser than and Odd and Even.  In Enki, all learning is done through arts and the three fold system.  The first day a story is told, the second day they recall the story and do some artwork.  This is either a drawing, or some beeswax moulding, or some wool painting.  Or all three if they want .

Savannah and Ayla loved the Lesser than, Greater than story and doing the drawings.  Here is my drawing on the chalkboard.  Don’t you just love the board, all 4 metres of it.  The only one we could find on the island, I actually run out of space .  LOL.

For the story of Todd and Evan (Odd and Even ) we had been doing an Odd and Even dance during our movement circle for a week before I introduced the story.  When they caught on that this was what the dance was about, it was like magic in their eyes .  We skip to the side “Even always ends with ” then jump with two feet “2, 4, 6, 8,10 ”  Skip to the side again “Odd ends everytime with ” jump backwards on one leg “1, 3, 5, 7, 9 ” .  Ayla loved the dance.  I think if I had to teach her odd and even academically first she would have been all confused.

The photo of the beeswax is showing the story of Todd and Evan.  We ended up with two many Evans so it was Savannah’s great idea to put him into a boat which was a war ship in the story.

Todd and Evan

Moms chalkboard drawing


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