Posted by: savayla | October 5, 2009

Island Bumpkins in Singapore City

Have just spent a week in Singapore.  The first three days were spent in the city where we walked Selegie, Bras Bassah and Orchard Roads shopping for books and a few other necessities like a gym ball, crafty goods, MSG free chicken stock and bacon .  What a strange shopping list !!!

The first night there we did not wander far off from Little India which was near our hotel.  The girls loved the sights and sounds of the Deepavali bazaar at little India.  As it is coming up to Deepavali, Festival of the Lights, it was in full swing.

It was when we started mall hopping , looking for our various goodies that it became apparent at how natural our lifestyle is.  Savannah, and to a lesser extent, Ayla, went completely hyper.  They would want to go up and down the escalators, especially the “cool flat ones, please daddy, please can we go down there “.  You would swear that she was pleading to go onto a jumping castle.  Chasing the sparkling starts on the floor tiles.  Admittedly, they were pretty tiles.  Squashing their noses and palms flat against the windows of restaurants that were stupid enough to spread their entire menu , on plates, across the glass front.   She loved the toilets, they flushed by themselves and all you had to do was place your hands near the taps and the water would run.  Magic shows without paying a cent.  Up, down, this way and that.  Pulling our hands to go and try the next crazy exercise craze which is like a bucking bronco.  Kyle had to eventually pull the plug and then quietly say “Oh no, you broke it, quick, run ” to get  them away.  Ok, not a good moral to teach, but what the hell, we were trying to get things done and having two little pieces of popcorn, jumping all over the place, was not helping.

Imagine how much fun you can have in a shop that sells ergonomic chairs !!  I swear, they had more fun exploring all their base senses in these malls than they did later on in the science centre, which cost more money.  Go figure ….


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