Posted by: savayla | October 10, 2009

Missing Pictionary Board

My girls recently received a gift of a hardly used Pictionary Boardgame.  I was so excited.  I have fond memories of playing this whilst sailing on yacht Kristina, my folks yacht, from Thailand to South Africa.  Took a year of my life, and I would gladly give a few more to do that trip again.

Friend Carina, hoped that all the cards were there, but , BUT, the board was missing.  Oh shit !!!  Now what.

Google to the rescue.  “Pictionary board image ”   Results ……  lots of pictures.

Next decision .  To paint the board (messy ) to print ( not quicker but nicer looking but I am not that good with my word or excel as I used to be.  Especially since they changed it all ).

Kyle to the rescue.  He quickly did the shell for me in Word, and I did the la-de la parts.  The colouring and letters.  Yeah !!  Smaller than a usual board, but still, a board.  I want to laminate it but have put it together.  Can’t wait to play with the girls, will be so much fun.  The last time I played,  Kyle and i were a team and he could not decipher my drawing of a telephone.  He thought it was a building.  Don’t ask.  Can’t remember if it was my drawing or too much beer on his part.

If  anyone needs a board like this, just ask and I will send you the attachment for you to print out.

Pictionary Game Board



  1. Hi Savayla

    We have lost our Pictionary Board, It would be great if you could send on your attachment. Much appreciated in advance.

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