Posted by: savayla | October 11, 2009

Life Getting in the Way of School

Our new Language Arts Block for October has not gone smoothly.  Ayla is doing her Fairy Tale Consonants, Savannah her Trickster and Sages.  Life just got in the way.  Which is why I enjoy homeschooling , the flexibility it allows us.

We started the block a week late as we were in Singapore for our visa run.  A week of a new culture, visiting a Krishna Temple as they get ready for Deepavali (Festival of Light ) and Little India, the Science Centre, experiencing snow, their first Imax theatre watching the Bears in Canada,  Autumn Moon Festival in China Town, buying crafts and books for school .

I managed to make a schedule which would keep us up to date.  A friend from Kuala Lumpur, then decided to visit for 3 days.  3 days of  mangrove tours, feeding sting rays, creeping through a bat cave, boating through a crocodile cave, sliding down rocks at the 7 Wells waterfalls and a trip to Underwater World aquarium.

Now, why would I choose school over this ?  They not only had good experiences, but learnt while having fun.

I managed to keep them slightly on track, but getting them to do their artwork for their stories and reading them their new story each day.  We would do our recall while feeding the rabbits at the oriental village, or while sitting and having an ice-cream.   I even read them one of their stories whilst relaxing with my glass of wine on the balcony.   We are also doing school on Saturdays and Sundays, but it is such fun work, and only takes an hour. They don’t mind.

We managed to sing our new recorder songs when we had a space to breathe.  They are enjoying using the hand movements to denote when the notes go up or down.  I haven’t managed to wind the  wool into balls for their finger knitting, but we can do that next week.   As for the songs and verses, the girls love them and are always singing away, so that has just fitted in without us having to do the circle.

My sister is now coming for a visit next week for 4 days.  The girls will have to play with their cousin, so I will be coming up with  different ways of getting their school done.

Doing School


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