Posted by: savayla | October 19, 2009

Pictionary in different tongues

The kids all decided to play pictionary last night .  I don’t have the junior version but helped to choose the cards which I knew they could all manage.   The dynamics was incredible.  A Swiss boy who speaks German, French, Italian fluently, and not that good in english.  Ayla, who can’t read yet, Athira and Danise who are malay, and of course Savannah.

There was much hilarity, of course, but due to all the different languages, they had to work so much harder.  Words that we, as English speakers take for granted.  Gugi running to his dad because he knew what the picture was (forklift ) but had no english word for it.   It was a fun night , but I think i need to make some junior cards for the next time.Savannah and Athira literally jumping for joy at getting the word right


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