Posted by: savayla | October 20, 2009

Recorder Ceremony

I bought our recorders about three months ago, and they have been sitting on our shelf, teasing the girls.  I have not let them play with them at all.  About two weeks ago I thought it time to introduce recorder into our schedule and allowed them to spend the whole day in the pool downstairs whilst I went through the DVD to teach myself  . I then started teaching them the three songs, Windmill, Sleep Little Leaves and Birds of the Wood.

We sang these each day before artwork.  I then read them the story and at the end, when the little prince goes across the meadow and into the forest with his new birch recorder and sits and plays, I took mine out and played the three songs lightly.  Their eyes lit up and Savannah wanted to play hers right there and then.  I said no, they were not ready.  Ayla wasn’t too hassled, but Savannah was like a jumping jelly bean.  She eventually put a pen into her mouth and started practising on that.

The next day I had them do a wool art painting of the story .

The following night, I placed a silk cloth into a basket, with their recorders, flowers, and two origami boxes filled with nuts and chocolate.  We switched off the lights , placed the basket in the centre of the table in the lounge with a candle, and played “You raise me Up ” by Josh Groban.  We then called them in.  The looks on their face was priceless.  Savannah was awestruck.  The beautiful music, the flickering light on the recorders in the basket was so beautiful.  It was well worth the wait to  present them their recorders in a beautiful ceremony that they will always remember.

Recorder basket


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