Posted by: savayla | October 27, 2009

Splat! the Suicidal Cat

There is a vacant building next to us, all concrete and open,  and we all heard a kitten crying for its mama.  It cried, and cried and cried.  A woman tried to find it with a torch , but with the acoustics, she couldn’t even find what floor it is on.  It kept me awake all night, and the next morning, Kyle and I grabbed a towel and went to see if we could find it.

Also difficult, but we eventually located it on the 3rd floor which is actually 4 floors.  A tiny pure black thing, frightened as hell.  I tried to catch it, but it was so scared it ran off, across a 10cm ledge from one apartment to the next.  So off we went.  It was so frightened and maybe only 2 weeks old .   It took one look at us, ran past us , bounced off the back wall, and then went shooting past us again …… right over the balcony.  4 floors down .  It was like in slow motion.  It spread its legs out and simply flew over like a flying squirrel.  And then we heard an audible SPLAT! on the concrete below.  I was shocked, looked over to see it lying motionless on its side, looked up and saw Savannah had witnessed it  on an opposite balcony (she had a sleepover the night before ) and burst out crying.

By the time we got down Savannah already had this wee thing cradled in her arms, blood coming from its mouth.  I wrapped it in the towel and gently told Savannah that its body would be all broken and we would have to put it down.  She went beserk.  Which made me cry more.  The kitten eventually started coming around, so we took it to the vet.

One loose incisor and a small cut on its chin.  That is it !!!  So, now we have another kitten, appropriately named Splat!.

Savannah with Splat! at the vets

There is a cat problem in Langkawi and that is official.  Not since my earlier days in Thailand have I seen such a problem.  Cats and kittens everywhere, starving, killed on the road, being kicked into gutters.  Very sad.  Bon Ton started a vet and service to have stray animals neutered and spayed.  They also kept the cats that could not be homed.  The problem is, that there are not enough local people adopting cats.  I know of one expat couple that have 24 cats at home, another 19 .  We have 3 and if we allowed it, with Savannah around, we would have 100 by now.

100 cats.  This is the amount that Bon Ton now has and there are too many for the area.  So, a big breath here, they are releasing them onto Cenang Beach.  I am so opposed to this.  I would rather put them down.  Yes, they cannot procreate, but they are still facing a life of starvation, fleas, kicking, being running over, etc etc.

Another reason is that they use the beach as their personal sandpit.    You don’t see it, but we got back home one night and our feet itched so badly.  Hookworm which comes from cat faeces.  This week my nephew went  home after visiting here for 4 days.  He was staying at Frangipani Resort in Pantai Tengah.  Not many cats around there.  After one day at home he had a fever and was covered in itchy spots.  I saw the photos and I think they are hookworm too.  All over his little bum and feet and willy.  He is only 2 .

So, to release the cats onto the beach or euthanase.  That is the difficult question.  I am an animal lover and I am voting for euthenasia.  There is a problem and you can’t just keep on fixing and then releasing.  This is not fixing the problem.


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