Posted by: savayla | October 29, 2009

Itchy Feet Again

It had to happen, in fact, I could see the behavioral signs leading up to this final point.  Once again, Kyle and I have got itchy feet and wish to experience a different lifestyle,  a different sunset.

We left Cape Town almost a year ago, searching .  From Thailand, to Borneo, and now Langkawi, Malaysia,  where we have been happily living for the past 7 months. It is everybody’s dream, to live on a tropical island .   But it is not enough for us.  We want more.  We want something different .  We want to go hiking in the middle of the day  … it is too hot here.  We want to go camping in the mountains or alongside the riverbanks.  To have the girls running around farm animals, not just water buffaloes and scrawny kampong chickens.  To have more culture, access to a decent library, 4 seasons.  To sit around a fire in the evening , snuggled up in a duvet .

We also want to move forward in terms of learning about sustainability and environmental issues. At the moment we are talking the talk and not walking the walk.   We receive a monthly newsletter from Earth Builders in New Zealand, and their workshops always tickle our inner thoughts .  “We should be doing those workshops, not sitting on a tropical island ” .

Last night we booked our tickets .  I was nervous as hell.  But we did it.  We knew we were off to New Zealand for some time, but thought it would only be in perhaps a years time, not 4 1/2 months.  I think Kyle would have booked earlier, but we do have some committments.  Xmas in KL with my sister and hopefully my parents, good friends coming to visit in January.

The first leg has been booked, now still to book the Australia to New Zealand part.  And, to find a good place to stay while we are there.  We want to stay for at least 6-9 months .  And then who knows.  That is us, footloose and fancy free.  Sort of.  Some would say that we are irresponsible, I say we are living life to the fullest.  You never know what lurks around the corner, so why wait.



  1. Here’s to ‘living life to the fullest’ – I’m with you all the way 😉 Although in the same breath, I am loving seasons, the library, animals, walking, etc etc Follow your heart, you can’t go wrong 😉

    • I know. I am really looking forward to all these wonderful things , especially walking whenever I want, not just during the cool times of the day which is when it is dark.

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