Posted by: savayla | November 3, 2009

Is house hunting an addiction ??

I have spent the past week searching on the internet for a house in New Zealand .  We want to spend about 6-9 months there, during the winter months.  Geez, reading that I think I am mad.  We have been living in the tropics for a year now, where the standard dress for Savannah and Ayla are panties.  If I could walk around like that I would, and truth be told, I sometimes do and to hell with the nosey neighbours.    35 degrees celcius, 90 % humidity, every day .  When it rains I get cold and put on a pair of jeans and a light cardigan.

Now, we are going to be in New Zealand from April.  I have concentrated in the Nelson region as this has the highest sunshine hours and the least rain.  We did a lot of research on Nelson when we were thinking of immigrating there.

I have finally found an awesome place.  Between Mapua and Matueka, 3 km from Ruby Bay.  I am not putting any links in now as I don’t want to jinx the deal.  Had a lovely skype chat with the owner last night and he accepted our offer and said we would all be a good match.  It is a fully furnished wooden cottage on a 5 acre farm , 10 minutes walk across the pastures to the beach.   He practices permaculture and bio dynamics.  There is also a hairy pet pig and a dog for the girls.

Which brings me to the title of this post.  Is house hunting an addiction ?  I love house hunting.  I don’t like clothes shopping.  In our 20 years together, Kyle and I have lived in 26 houses.  We once moved from the burbs to a wine farm for 6 months which was amazing and a blessing in disguise when the Rand collapsed, and our business with it.  We move for various reasons, some of them being …… tired of the area , tired of the same old view, we throw an adult tantrum, etc etc. You see, not very logical or compelling reasons.  But I just love house hunting.  It really excites me when I go through the papers or the internet and search for our next abode.  I dont’ think this is the reason we have moved so much, Kyle would definately have put a stop to that.

I am getting tired of it and want to put down roots, but now I am off again whereas I could easily stay here.

Here’s to our new address.


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