Posted by: savayla | November 11, 2009

Rhythm and Blues

Life is full of rh ythms, and if you don’t get them right, then you get the blues.

It has taken me many years to realise that, although I still haven’t managed to get all my rhythms going.  The one place in my life where I have excelled in this, is my breadmaking.  I am proud to say that we have not bought a loaf of bread, bread rolls, or anything bread related for 5 months.   I have made our own.  Now, this is really outstanding for me, because being gluten intolerant, I don’t get to even eat it!

The only reason that this has been successful is all down to having a recipe that is easy to work with .  The recipe is posted in the  Delicious Food category.  Spending only 5 minutes a day preparing your bread dough has made it easy to get into the rhythm of always having bread available.    If it was a schlep, I doubt we would be doing this.

I think that is like most things in life.  We don’t have to work as hard for things like our forefathers (where are the foremothers who actually did all the damn work ??? ) .  If it is a bit too difficult, we stop doing it.  If it takes too much time, we stop doing it.

If there is something you truly want to do, but it is too difficult or time consuming, simple find another way of doing it and you will find your rhythm and forget your blues.


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