Posted by: savayla | November 12, 2009

4 Seasons

When I talk about the 4 Seasons, I am not talking about the overpriced, yet beautiful, resorts scattered in exotic locations all over the world.  I am talking about the seasons that change through-out the world.

Except here in Malaysia !!!  We have 2 seasons.  Wet and wetter.  LOL.    Since I started Enki, I have become very frustrated with the lack of seasons here.  I started a nature table, and in 8 months, the leaves haven’t changed colour, there are no blossoms, no change.  A child learns visually, so how can they learn about the different seasons if they can’t see it and experience it.

On our last visa run to Singapore, we took them to the Snow Zone at the Science Park.  I know, that is pushing it, snow in Singapore.  We experienced extreme cold from gloves that were too thin and bums that got wet from the ice that we slid down.  They promised (advertising !!!) 5 inches of snow.  HA HA HA .

Now we have booked our tickets to New Zealand and I am soooo excited.  Seasons here we come.  We will arrive in Autumn, and then we will have a wonderful winter, with snow on the mountains .  Yipppeeee.  I can now use most of my nature stories, poems, songs  and crafts that are in my Enki binders and DVD’s.   I can use all the different silks I bought in their nature colours, not just the greens.   The girls will witness the leaves changing colour and falling, the evergreens ,  the snow and frost.  Don’t know how mama is going to handle the cold, although I am half Icelandic, I suffer in the cold ) and then they will see the buds blooming, the lambs springing and the flowers growing.

I can finally do a proper Winter Solstice celebration, with the lighting of the candles , beautiful verses and going for a walk with our handmade lanterns.  We can celebrate the Spring equinox.  The Harvest festival.  All these important celebrations that make one feel part of the natural cycle of the earth.

4 Seasons here we come !!



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