Posted by: savayla | November 14, 2009

Picture Postcard Perfect

I spent a month in Iceland with my mom and older sister Carrie, visiting family .   It was an incredible experience, from glaciers to glaciel rivers, waterfalls, swimming in the open under a snowy mountain, the blue lagoon, cakes and cream, black bread and cheese, smoked sheeps head which my Grandfather prepared, hot springs, pancakes and more cream, herding wooly sheep up the mountains, more cakes and cream.

But, the experience that I remembered the most, would not have made it onto one of those postcards you buy depicting the beautiful and interesting spots of a country.  The weather was bad, there was a mini blizzard .  My cousins Hemmi and Sverrir had decided to take Carrie and I on a walk .  The weather was bad, but that didn’t stop them.  They wrapped us up until all you could see was just the tips of our nose and our eyes.  Off we went.  The wind was so bad at times, that Hemmi would grab me and push me down onto my bum, before I was blown off the mountain.  We struggled on,  it being quite hard work at time, but the views were awesome.

On the way back, the blizzard had got worse, so they took us into a small cave and there we sat and had a feast, to wait out the weather.  Hot chocolate with mini marshmellows slowly dissolving into it, and dried fiske.  This is sun dried strips of fish which you slather with butter.  So delicious.

That was my best experience, and it was not picture postcard perfect.

Yesterday we had a similar experience.   We took some wine, our beach blanket, and snacks to have sundowners at a beach down the road from us, Pantai Pasir Tengkorak.  It is a small beach, with lots of trees for shade, braai areas (BBQ) , decent ablution blocks and the view is of Thailand islands in the distance.  The sea is a beautiful turquoise , unlike that in the beaches closer to us which are a muddy colour because it is reclaimed land.

It started raining before we even arrived.  We briefly thought about turning back, but thought, what the hell, and continued.  We set up our blanket under a tree, the girls rain straight into the sea, and we poured our wine.  What was a bit of rain between friends ?  The view was spectacular, the rain was warm, the girls were having fun with a malay family, and we were all quite happy.  I much preferred it to the hot sun which we are always trying to escape from.



Kyle pouring the  drinks in the rain

Kyle pouring the drinks in the rain



Ships  in the rain mist

Ships in the rain mist



Rains just stopped -  Savannah and Ayla with Thailand in the background

Rains just stopped - Savannah and Ayla with Thailand in the background






Not a postcard picture, but absolutely PERFECT !!!!



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