Posted by: savayla | November 16, 2009

The Natives teaching the Civilized ? !!

We don’t watch much television.  The truth is, we never had a television for the past 4 years.  And we never missed it.  We did love Survivors, and would make it a family affair with a good meal and dessert at either my parents place or my brother-in-laws, depending on where we were living .  Our other favourites is Animal Planet, National Geographic, Discovery Science, History and of course, the Cooking channel.  That is it.  I don’t know any of the series at all.

Watched a very interesting series the other day called Meet the Natives.  They have taken 5 men from Tanna, an island of Papua New Guinea, and taken them to the USA so that they may learn things from them and see how other people live.  These men come from a village where they are naked except for what looks like a small grass broom over their privates and other adornments.  They live off the land, hunting their meat, planting their gardens, and making their clothes, weapons, implements, and houses from what they get off the land.  A perfect existence in my opinion.

What has blown me away, is how wise these men are.  These “primitive, uncivilized, savages ” .  My words these, but exactly what I assume most people are thinking when they watch this programme.

They spent a week in Montana on a cattle ranch.  They were taught to rustle up the cattle .  At the end of it , one of the men had this wise thing to say ..

“They have so much.  It is a tragedy, to have thousands of cows, machines , a fat wallet, but still you die like everybody else . ”

They then went and spent a week in New York with a lady named Bunny.  She had a photograph of her and Barrack Obama, lived in luxury, showed them around the museums, took them to dinner, gave them a chance to paint, something they had never done.  She also took them to a Wall Street trading house.  Afterwards, one of the men had this to say ..

Alot of things we know, they don’t know.  This is because they are always running after money. ”


Then there were two gay guys asking them about gay marriages.  This made no sense to them as marriage was about making babies, and babies then turned into children who looked after you in your old age.  Just as it should be.  You could see they were a bit stunned when the one guys said ..

“In America we have money to look after ourselves, we don’t need children to do that, just money ” .

Bunny then chimed in “and love, we need love ” .  Well, will someone please stand up and applaud Bunny.  At last someone said it.


Now, I am not saying that money is not important.  It is.  But, as I am always teaching my daughter, it is how you go about getting the money, what you give up for it, what you do for it, that is important.

I think these are the 5 wise men, and many people can learn alot from them, most of all, that they are all very happy, even though they have no money.




  1. you know, we watched this a couple of years back. Something similar, but they came to the UK. It was very interesting and it certainly made us think! I think you’re right; money of course is important, but it’s certainly how you go about getting it. For us, we don’t want to put our family life behind our desire for money – it’s all about balance.

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