Posted by: savayla | November 17, 2009

Proudly Australian but Made in China ????

I recently went and bought a bikini .  If you are a woman, you know what that is like.  Put it on, look in the mirror, grimace.  Rip it off as soon as you can, put the next one on.  Bigger grimace.  Finally, after all of them, you put the one on that you thought, maybe, hid the most.

So there it lay, all bright pink with beads .  I had bought one a few weeks back, but it was so lovely (ie, hid the flabby thighs and butt with a little skirt ) that I didn’t want it to get ruined in our over chlorinated pool.  So off I went to buy a cheap, horrible thing that I would not get attached to.  Still got a long way to go with my Tibetan Book of Living and      Dying, re the attachment thing  !!!

But, this costume was not cheap.  For me it was, because  it was half price off.  It was Australian.  Surely, they MUST make good costumes.  The tag said CULT INDUSTRIES.  Yeah, sounds just right for a nearly 4o year old .  So , I bought it.  Not for the label, mind you, but it was the only bloody costume that fit my butt as the rest were sooooo, ” I am 16 and have not had kids yet ”   tiny !!!

Got home, cut off the tag and then read it.



The pledge to never fail to

bring you the most failsafe

inspiration & ensure you do not miss us in the maze of

lookalikes .

Drive fast and take risks

Wear nice clothes & stay out

late.  Be true to yourself all

the time.  Never do what is

expected.  Have no

American idols.  Australia

is fail safe.

Jeez.  This is brilliant.  Finally, a company that I agree with, someone that is a wolf and not a sheep.

HANG ON !!!!!

I decided to read the label on the costume and what did I find ………………….. ??????





  1. lol xx

  2. Lots of businesses proudly making Aussie made things featured on . Also releasing an iphone app January 2011, which will make it easy and fun to find the Aussie made products on the supermarket shelves.

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