Posted by: savayla | December 1, 2009

Movie Ratings for Kids

We love to watch a good movie, usually  chosen by us from a DVD shop.   The last 8 years have made us fans of most of the animated movies such as Brother Bear, Monsters Inc, Ice Age, to name a few.  They are brilliant and we have noticed that the scriptwriters are adding more jokes and quips that go above the kids heads, and are directed at us adults.

Ayla loves movies, has since she was a toddler.  She gains so much from them in terms of giving her ideas for her imaginary games that she loves to play.  She loves to have a family movie now and again, where we all cuddle up together.  This was a  favourite on the yacht where the space is not that big.

We are now battling to find family movies that the girls can watch .  The other night we put on Four Christmasses, and were unhappy by the scene in the first 3 minutes .  We turned it off.  It is so difficult to find out if a movie is suitable by the Parental Guidance.What is ok for a 9 year old in some household may not be OK in my household.parents say that they watch the movie first , but that would mean we would have to watch it twice !!

I stumbled across this fantastic site the other night, after tearing my hair out .

It not only rates the movies in according to how much Sex and Nudity, Violence and Gore, and Profanity,  but takes it a step further by detailing  each and every scene that has have these scenes in it, and gives you a very clear idea of what you don’t or do mind your child watching.

This is a small excerpt from Four Christmasses

SEX/NUDITY 6 – A man and a woman experiment with and discuss sexual role playing: They meet in a bar, he pretends to be a virgin, she makes an insulting remark about him, he yells, calls her names and grabs her, they kiss for an extended time, we see them in another room, she rips open the front of his shirt (we see only his back), the camera cuts to a restroom doorway as the couple exits (both are dressed), and it is implied that they have had sex and they later talk about several characters they will try in the future (they give no details).
► A man and a woman are shown in a very dark bedroom in bed with only bare shoulders showing; they talk and then kiss briefly and the scene ends. Several scenes show couples kissing for a brief time and three show longer kisses with tighter embraces.

VIOLENCE/GORE 4 – In four scenes, two men act out Extreme Mixed Martial Arts moves, jumping around a house, damaging furniture and objects and attacking a third man; they use headlocks, kicks to the back of the leg, punches, leg locks and other techniques, and leave one man incapacitated on the floor (he is not injured and we see no marks or blood).
► Two elementary school aged boys attack a man (their uncle) by jumping on him, slapping his face repeatedly and calling him names (we do not see any wounds, marks, or discoloration).
► A woman goes into an inflatable plastic playhouse, and a boy knocks her down and pounds her head on the soft flooring (we see no injury); the woman then throws kids onto the walls and flooring

DISCUSSION TOPICS – Christmas, religious holidays, marriage and divorce, living together without marriage, having children, family arguments, family obligations, love, reconciliation, decision making.

MESSAGE – Bad situations can help you make good decisions.


Finally, a place that us parents, who are all so different in what we allow our kids to see, to make a good judgment on a movie.


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