Posted by: savayla | December 6, 2009

Loving Babies to death

Do babies smell like babies anymore, or do they smell like Johnson and Johnson ??

When my girls were born, I only used a natural soap on their beautiful, soft bodies, and not every day either.  I believe that too much soap strips the natural oils from your skin.  I had some baby oil and would give them a massage after their bath, using light aromatherapy oils.  Then I had the Johnson and Johnson No Tears shampoo, although Ayla never had any hair.

But, that was it.  Baby oil and shampoo.  Have you ever looked at the range of oils, soaps and colognes that J&J are selling for your babies ?  Let me run through the list :

Head to toe Baby Wash  –  YES, needed

Baby Bubble Bath and Wash  –  Gentle for toddlers , not needed for babies !!!

Vanilla Oatmeal Baby Wash  –  Well, guess it can be substituted for the Head to Toe Baby Wash

Cucumber Melon Baby Wash  –  WHAT ??  WHY ??

Moisture Care Baby Wash  –  WHAT ??  WHY ??

Bedtime Bath  –  To help them sleep better.  HUH ???

Head to Toe Body Lotion  –  Why would you ever put body lotion on a soft babies skin ?

Body Lotion   in these different types :  Shea and Cocoa Butter ; Vanilla Oatmeal, Cucumber Melon, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E ,         –  And when does it get to smell like a baby ?

Body Cream for 24 hour moisturization  –  Men have only started using moisturizer but now they want babies to too ??

Bedtime Lotion as part of the 3 step nightime routine

Baby Cologne  , a fresh fragrance made just for babies .   WHAT ARE THEY THINKING ???

So, here you have your newborn baby, you have eaten nutritionally, apart from the crazy cravings ( With Savannah this was OXO spread with bottled cheese spread, a tsp of each, and then later on, nartjies and apples with cheese .  With Ayla I could only eat tinned food and smash for the first three months.  Gross !! ) , you have stopped drinking alcohol, you keep fit and you look after that little grub that is growing inside you.

Out it comes, you vaccinate them straight away (I won’t start this tirade ) and then you start with the J&J.  Their skin, which absorbs so much is being slathered with baby washes, colognes, lotions, etc.  They don’t even smell like babies anymore.  They smell like J&J.

Apart from not being very good for them, these products are also expensive.  I remember having a conversation with a guy in a shop in South Africa.   I was looking for some baby oil and he said to me that he would never be able to afford to have kids .  Why ?  I asked.  He pointed at the full range of J&J and said “How could I afford to buy all of that for my baby “.  I very quickly put him straight that all he needed was a soap free soap, some oil and shampoo.  Nothing else !!!

And I stick to my views on that.  If I don’t use deoderant ( we use a mineral rock stick  which works by killing off the bacteria under your arms so you don’t smell, not by merely masking the smells as with other deoderants ) then why should I put cologne on my baby ?

Ok, rant is over.  It was just a thought that popped into my head when I was buying some baby oil yesterday.  We do a lot of massaging in this house.


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