Posted by: savayla | December 10, 2009

Felt Wee Folk

We are busy doing the St. Francis of Assissi Sage story, which Savannah seems to be enjoying.  It is a lovely Xmas block as we are playing a lot of Italian music, eating lots of pasta, pizza and doing Italian xmas baking.  To make it even better, the girls are playing with two Italian / Malay brothers every day, which adds an authentic touch to it.  Mama Lorenzo is here from Italy for the holidays, and  they spend a while with her every day.

St. Francis of Assissi invented the nativity xmas scene .   I was going to recreate it by making all the animals with needle felting, but have now decided that it is going to be a different one.  We already have the sheep, the baby in the manger, and the mother .  Today I make a dad which can become one of the wise men, and Ayla wants to make another sheep.

What I love most is that all the felt and fleece is 100% wool.  You can actually smell the sheep and it still has bits of grass and bark in it.

My book on Felt Wee Folk arrived just in time for me to make these cute little people.  Today, instead of being the little people in the Little People verse in circle time, they acted out the whole verse using the mushroom I had needle felted and the wee felt folk.

I am so glad that they are now playing with these beautiful dolls, rather than plastic pollypockets.

Felt Wee folk and Needle felting family

Mommy and Daughter


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