Posted by: savayla | December 11, 2009

Life is greener on the other side ….. right ?

Aah,  a morning spent on Cenang beach, clear waters, hermit crabs scurrying around, two beautiful starfish, mountains in the background, islands  enticing us to paddle out to them on our hired kayak.

Aaah, lunch on the beach under a thatched Indonesian styled roof with a wicked looking bright red fan lazily whirling above our heads, the bright sun miles away from our frozen margaritas and chefs salad with the first sun dried tomatoes I have eaten in a year.

I am going to miss this all.  I love Langkawi.

But, I am heading to another island.  A bigger island.  An island where I probably won’t be able to afford to go out on a whim,  lounge under a wicked red fan and drink a litre of frozen margaritas .  An island which gets icy cold in winter, whose sun is more temperamental than Malaysia’s, and the water much colder.

When most people would give their left .. um… leg, to live on a tropical island like this, why are we leaving ?  I know I have asked this question before, but it is one that I will continue to ask myself over and over again.  One which will haunt me when things are not working out in New Zealand, when I am cold, when the sand flies are biting.  I will only remember that frozen margarita under the wicked red fan.

I will not remember the fact that it is soooo hot and humid here that we only go out either early morning or late afternoon.  That apart from the beaches and waterfalls, there isn’t much else.  There are no bookshops.  Not one.  I do all my browsing on the internet.  There are no health shops.  Ditto the internet.  There is one dentist, no ideal doctors and most expats fly to Penang or Langkawi if they need tests or to go to the hospital.   We can ‘t go camping, hiking invariably means sweating, leeches and mosquitoes, a picnic during the day is out due to the heat, we celebrate when we find and eat an avo, bacon is on our Xmas wish list,  and … and ….

I know life is not greener on the other side.  New Zealand does have its problems.  But it is something we have to do, we have to get our girls a different passport other than South African.

Still, I am really going to miss that wicket red fan .



  1. I’m sure whatever happens, it will always be right and good in your list of experiences and choices… because you always follow your heart. We are currently in the minus figures and I find myself longing for the olive groves of Spain… but forgetting all the ‘only going out first thing in the morning’ heat etc. Wherever we are, we always long for the things that we had in other places. ONe day I would like a life where I could have a little bit of all of the things I love!!!!!

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