Posted by: savayla | December 14, 2009

Things NOT to do in Singapore or a Muslim country

Singapore is know as a Fine country .  There are even T-shirts with a list of what you will be fined for.

No Spitting in the streets

No Littering

No Urinating  in the lifts (this one always had me giggling )

Chewing  gum is illegal

Chewing tobacco is illegal

Have a cigarette lighter in the shape of a gun is illegal

Pornography is illegal

Remember to flush the toilets  –  $500 fine

No smoking in public places

No topless sunbathing.

What do you think the fine would be for having a poo in the Sentosa Island gardens ?  Yes, picture this. 2003 , we are in Sentosa with my dad who is taking us around and showing us the place where he is designing  a new restaurant.  Savannah, all of the terrible two stage, desperately needs a poo.  NOW.  So we start looking for the  nearest loo.  It is quite far away, but off we go.  Only to find that it is locked.  Now what ?   Well, before we had a chance to take action, Savannah had taken herself under a tree, and was already squatting and having a poo.  In public, in SINGAPORE !!   We nervously covered it with some leaves and left fast.

Malaysia is a muslim country.  Most of the Malay women and girls are covered from head to toe.  Some don’t as it the choice of the father of the family.  We live above the swimming pool and it is a common sight to see the kids and adults swimming in all their clothes and their head covering.  It does amuse us.

We went swimming yesterday.  There were 5 Malay boys swimming .  As we arrived they all got out.  That is a bit unusual.  So there these boys are, staring at us silently. We get ready to swim, and I suddenly notice that Ayla is stark naked, about to jump in. None of us had really noticed as she is always naked at home. I said “Ayla, where is your costume !! ” the look on her face was priceless. One of complete puzzlement, then shock. We of course were killing ourselves laughing by now, as she quickly tried to cover herself up and then ran to get a towel. She obviously took off her costume as a habit, thinking it was her towel. We could not stop laughing, especially at her face. I had one of those belly laughs, when your belly gets sore. To think that she did it in front of these 5 malay boys made it even more hysterical. We were thinking that they must be thinking that everything that is said about us infidels must be true. Their sisters cover up, we strip down naked !!!


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