Posted by: savayla | December 16, 2009

Don’t eat the green stuff

The girls went for an impromptu sleepover last night, after a day of tie dying t-shirts.   Omelette’s were on the menu for dinner, but with the girls gone, we decided to go and get one of our favourite take aways from the makan (eat) “restaurant” down the road.

The reason I put “restuarant” in inverted commas, is because it is not what you would deem a restaurant.  Open on all sides, a few plastic tables and chairs dotted around, dirty cement  floor, dirty walls with a few Muslim wall hangings.  But man does this Indian man know how to make a good dhal and curry sauce to go with the rotti’s.  A roti is fried bread.

He is quite slow, but then, what is the rush ?  There were just two men at a table, and we recognised one of them as being one of the guards from the apartments next door.  He doesn’t speak english, our behasa is very limited, so there was a lot of smiling and nodding of heads.  He invited us to sit with him and his old, weather beaten buddy who was sipping a mug of teh tarik.  The old man eventually left, but was soon replaced by a younger one.  Their food arrived, a delicious looking bee hoon (very thin glass noodles fried with chicken and veges ), an omelette, and a chicken dish.  They offered us, which is the usual way here, but we pointed that we were waiting for our order.  I added a fried bee hoon to that order or 3 roti with one curry sauce and one dhal.   I noticed our guard pushing his green chillies aside, asked him why, and he waved his hand in front of his mouth, stating that it was too hot.  This made us all laugh, as we thought we were the only ones.

R14 later, back at home, a cold glass of rose wine in my hand, I started eating my meal.  WOW, I bit into a chilli.  I knew it was one of those little chili padi devils, but continued to chew for some reason.  You know when it is hot, when you feel it in your ears.   I eventually did the same as the guard, found the green stuff, and pushed it aside.  It was still a pretty hot dish with the chili padi finely chopped, but the big pieces were gone.

What a wonderful meal, and a wonderful experience with the local people of Langkawi.


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