Posted by: savayla | December 19, 2009

Xmas Memories and Decorations

A Merry Xmas to everyone !!  We are leaving tomorrow to Singapore for our visa run, then after a few days of the zoo (again) and bright lights, we fly to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to celebrate Xmas with my sister and her family.   The last time we all celebrated Xmas together was also in KL, but the girls were just babies and toddlers and my nephew had not been born.  So this should be a fun one .

Last Xmas was celebrated at Cave Lodge, in Soppong, northern Thailand.  It is near North of Chiang Mai , about an hours drive from Pai, near the Burmese border.  What an unexpected, wonderful xmas it was.   Being in the middle of no-where, in a rustic lodge stuck in the middle of a Shan village, we did not expect a roast chicken, roasted potatoes and carrots, gravy, garlic soup with freshly baked rolls, and xmas cake with cream and custard.  Everything baked in the outside clay ovens.   We found a South African bottle of wine and splurged, spending R160 for that bottle.  And man did it go down like velvet.

Father Xmas had wrapped his small presents in banana leaves, leaving them under the xmas tree.  Also another unexpected surprise.  All the village children were there, lying in the hammocks, swinging on the inside swing and sitting around the big fire pit in the middle of the lodge.  It was a fantastic, simple Xmas and one we will always remember most fondly.

This year, our Xmas decorations have been minimilistic but beautiful.  Fairy lights hung across the top of the sliding doors to the balcony, our bamboo plant decorated, and our nature table has turned into a nativity scene.  But, one unlike I have ever seen before.  The barn animals surrounding the manger consist of handmade clay cows, a mud pony (from one of Aylas Enki fairy tales ), a wooden rabbit and buffalo, a needle felted dog , sheep and lady bird, and the baby, child, man and mother are all made from felt.  Ayla has crafted a Father Xmas on his sleigh with his helper elves from plasticine .

We love the table and find it so enriching and rewarding that we have made so many of the characters.

As we are not Christians, this is a family celebration for us.

Merry Xmas everyone !!!

Xmas nativity scene on our nature table

Nativity Scene

The three fairies I have made for the 3 girls for Xmas

A needle case that I made for a friend


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