Posted by: savayla | January 4, 2010

What’s in a name ? Conversation with a 9 year old

We were walking to East Coast Park, Singapore,  to go cycling.  As we were staying at a friends apartment, we sort of knew the area as we had stayed near there upon our arrival in Singapore a year ago.  I suggested to Kyle that we walk to Joo Chiat Rd as this went straight down ,and under , to East Coast Park.   He suggested we just walk in the general direction.

Off we went, Savannah and Ayla in tow.  Yip, we seemed to be heading in the right direction, until we hit the highway that heads towards Changi airport.  Ummm.  No worries, says Kyle, we simply hit a left and follow the highway.  OK.

This started the following conversation that I had with Savannah during this walk.

Mommy :  “Savannah, one thing in life you will learn is that women never get lost because they ask for directions.  Men                          will  never ask for directions . Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

Savannah : “Why are women from penis ? ”

Mommy and daddy stop and burst out laughing .

Mommy ”  Venus, sweetie, Venus.  Do you know what a penis is  ? ”

Savannah :  “No”

Mommy :  ” A penis is the anatomically correct name for a mans willy. ”

Savannah : ” So, why do we call it a willy  and not a penis ? ”

Mommy : ” Because penis just isn’t a very nice sounding word.  Like your Cookie.  The anatomically correct name for                              your  cookie is a vagina . ”

Savannah :”  Vagina.  Thats a nice name.  I think when I have a baby girl I am going to name her Vagina ”

Mommy and Daddy stop walking as their stomachs are too sore from all their laughing .

Savannah :”  What ?   ”

Mommy :”  You can’t call your daughter Vagina sweety, as that is the name of your cookie. ”

Daddy :”  Years ago, alot of girls used to be named Regina, so if you really like the sound of that name, then rather                                 choose  Regina . ”

Savannah :”  Why can’t I call my girl Vagina ?  Lynne’s moms name is Cookie !! ”

And it is .  So what could I say to that !!!

Well, we did make it to East Coast Park, with our stomachs intact, as Captain Compass seems to be pretty good at directions, even though he never asks  for directions.  Here is hoping that I will not become a grandmother to a grand-daughter named Vagina !!!

Savannah and Kyle walking back from East Coast Park



  1. oh my I am just in bits here! brilliant brilliant brilliant 😉

  2. Brilliant. I have that all ahead of me!!!

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