Posted by: savayla | January 14, 2010

Ripped off but worth it !!

We really miss pork.   I never thought about it when living in South Africa, and although my mom loves her pork roast and doing some pork chops on the braai, I have usually stuck to bacon, marinated pork rashers on the braai, gammon, and  thick gammon cutlets.   But my, do I love it.

Our favourite breakfast is a fresh round of baked herb and raison flatbread , creamy scrambled eggs, and braaied whole mushrooms wrapped in bacon and slathered in garlic butter.  Yummm !!!

Have you ever tried beef bacon ?  Not the same.  Ditto for chicken bacon.  the fat is so important and the chicken does not have this.

Today we headed off to Kuah, the main town 18km down the road.  What for some people may be a little trip, we only do this once every 2 weeks or so.  For us we are heading into the big city and it is always an occasion.

We had a few stops, one of them being to Celcom for our 3G internet connection card.  Kyle had found parking in front of a chinese restaurant, and while we were sitting steaming in the car, I kept on looking at the usual whole roasted chicken and ducks, with heads and beaks, hanging from their hooks.  But there was something inbetween, something much smaller that intrigued me.  After a while I got out of the car and went to have a look. I pressed my nose onto the window of the cart, trying to make out if it was a neck or something  other than what I suspected it was …. PORK !!  Barbecued pork .

Now, in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, this is a familiar sight, but not here in Langkawi where you can’t buy pork and it is not served in restaurants.   I asked the chinese man if it was pork and he said yes.  I quickly ordered the whole piece, cut up please with sauce.  The price was RM20 !!!  I knew I had been ripped off immediately, but chose to ignore it.  I was in too good a mood, and the food was delicious and such an unexpected treat.

In Singapore, the BBQ pork is hanging on the right. Char Kew Pork

The girls and Kyle came up to me, dying to see what I had been doing .  We all started dipping our fingers into the box, and then while we were driving, I carefully balanced it on my knees, opened the small hot packet of sweet dark sauce, and poured it over the pork and sliced up cucumbers.  Man was it good.  It is times like these that I don’t mind being ripped off, as it was really worth it.

By the way, lunch for us which was 3 big plates of rice, sweet chili chicken, different vegetables , tofu in crab meat sauce, and 4 drinks came to RM20.80.



  1. Lovely story, made my mouth water !

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