Posted by: savayla | January 15, 2010

Making Yoghurt

Yoghurt is so easy and quick to make.  Most of the yoghurts you buy in the shops today are full of conditioning to keep it set, loads of sugar and hormones from all the milk.  So,what is meant to be a healthy food, is not .

I have always made my own yoghurt.  This is what you need.  Good milk or milk powder, a small tub of good yoghurt with live cultures, a pot and whisk, a wide mouthed thermos or very sunny windowsill.  A sterilized jar to keep it in.

Boil the kettle and sterilize the jar and the thermos flask.  To save water, I add the boiling water to the thermos first, then after 5 minutes, I pour it into the glass jar.

Simply bring 1 litre of  milk  (1 1/2 cups full cream milk powder ) to a temperature where when you dip your pinki finger into the milk, and can keep it there without it burning, it is just right.  Too low and the culture won’t start, too hot and it will kill them.  It must be uncomfortable , but can do the 10 secs.

Bringing the milk to the right temperature

Testing the temperature of the milk

Once you have the correct temperature, add 3 Tablespoons of the bought yoghurt from the tub.  Whisk well to incorporate into the milk.  Then pour the yoghurt into the thermos flask.  Close the lid and keep aside for 8 hours or until set.  I usually make my yoghurt in the mornings, then place it into the fridge before bed , ready for the next morning.  This is done every second day.

Enjoy the thick, creamy, almost double thick yoghurt .  If there is some whey (liquid ) in the jar, simply pour it off )

Thick, creamy yoghurt


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