Posted by: savayla | January 17, 2010

A Taste of Farm Life

This morning we drove off to fetch 3 litres or raw, unpasteurized milk from Friendly Farms.  A lovely drive through a small kampong,  wooden houses on stilts amongs the coconut trees, chickens and water buffallo lazing around.  The road is very narrow and the last time we were there the rains had washed away parts of it.  Considering that I can barely see over the bonnet of the car, I asked Kyle to drive us there.

We were so lucky to arrive in time to see the goats being milked.  The girls raced straight to the goats, while we went in to speak to the owner, Mike, a large Italian who is a real character.  Mike was busy pushing a probe into some rectangular pieces of white cheese.  He was checking the PH content of his new camembert. “Camembert !!” Kyle and I both turned to each other with big grins on our faces.  Mike quickly took out a tray, and let it warm up for 1o minutes for a taste.  I went to check on the girls, and Savannah was busy milking one of the goats !!  I don’t know who was more excited.  She had mentioned maybe milking a cow, but I had told her that she would have to wait until we were in Australia.  And here she was, squeezing away at the elongated udder of the goat.  Ayla was next, but found it a tad too difficult, and even tried with two hands.  She then climbed back over the fence and went to play with the other goats and the turkeys.

Back to the dairy, and the cheese was ready.  WOW !!  It was simply sublime .  Oozing and creamy, goats camembert .  Not overpowering, just perfect.  Kyle immediately asked for a whole rectangle and we planned how we were going to serve it to our friends from South Africa that arrive for a visit on Sunday, with the figs that I bottled in syrup and some walnuts, if I can find those here.  Yumm, a feast awaits us .

We picked up our fresh milk and hopefully it will make a good butter, unless we mess it up.  We are making butter for school, as we are doing a block on India, and Krishna would always steal the butter from his mom and neighbours when he was a young boy.

Savannah and Ayla are so excited about our new farm life that awaits us one of these days.  They even want to go back to Friendly Farm and volunteer to clean out the goat and turkey enclosure and feed them.

Savannah milking the goat

Ayla trying to millk the goat, whilst still holding her chameleon !

Ayla running around with the goats


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