Posted by: savayla | January 31, 2010

Friends and Funerals

Have been quiet on the posting front lately.  Friends of ours came to visit and we had a relaxing time with them, showing them a bit around the island.  Managed to do nothing that I had planned, and ended up spending most evenings at home, with good home cooked meals and chatting.    Savannah and Ayla have finally given up on me having a baby brother for them, when  they saw how much work a 17th month is !!

This got me to thinking about funerals.  Not a long leap in topic, for a girl that is.  Kyle and I can count our good friends on two hands.  We have plenty of other friends, but not really, really good ones that you can always depend on.  These also include some family.  I used to worry that when I died no one would come to my funeral as I didn’t have that many friends.  I have been to a few funerals, thank goodness none of them close family or friends.  And this is what I am talking about.  People come because they feel they have to, even if you used to chat to them occassionally at the supermarket.  I understand that they think they are being respectful, but I don’t want that type at my funeral.  I want them to come because they honestly love me and will miss me .  That i will remain in their memories.

It was stipulated in my will that I was to be cremated, there was not to be a dull, boring, sad funeral, no priests whatsoever, but a wake with the song “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to ” playing loud.  No expensive coffin that will probably be resold anyway as they stuff me into a cardboard box.

This has changed since I read about natural funerals which are now being allowed by some councils.  Right up my ally.  A simple burial where your body is not embalmed, but laid in a bio-degradable box, buried and allowed to decompose naturally.  A tree or flowers are then planted on top, and a small wooden stake put up.



  1. Absolutely with you on this! exactly the kind of funeral I want… and I don’t have many friends either, but the ones I do have are true and that’s good enough for me 🙂

  2. You always have the best ideas and links — this one is a winner, and is exactly what my DH and I are looking for! Thanks!

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