Posted by: savayla | February 1, 2010

Morning Surprise

We go walking in the early mornings, setting out just before the sun gets up.  This way, we are back home before it gets hot.  I look forward to these walks as there is always something new to see, although we tend to go to the same place.  Sometimes it is all of us, often just Savannah and I.

We walk through the rice paddy fields and local malay kampong (village ).  We usually see a selection of birds from cattle egrets , kingfishers, doves, eagles and these tiny birds which feed on the grasses between the rice.  There are always cows and water buffallo, cats and the other day, we were surprised to see a white rabbit .  We are busy making friends with this tiny calf with a big, wet nose.  He is quite shy at the moment, but getting used to see us pop up in the mornings.

Then there is Lennon.  He is a Malay man, about 55 years old, that shuffles around slowly as he has had a stroke.  He waits in the mornings , with a pocketful of sweets to give the children. Yes, it does sound rather predatory, but we have never put ourselves into any situations that could turn out bad.  And he seems very harmless and is well known to the locals.

This morning it was only Savannah and I.  He was sitting in a different spot, gave us some sweets so the three young malay boys cycling to school missed out, and we were off on our way.  He then passed us on a motorbike (he is always getting lifts around with different people ), waving and smiling.  As we were walking back, along the main road of the Padang Matsirat village, he was there again, off for a drink (minum). He had already eaten and invited us to come and makan (eat).  “tidak” I replied.   And showed him that we had no money.  He showed he would pay and I said I would only have a “teh tarik” (condensed milk tea which is poured out from a height to aerate it ).  We followed him into and through, this tiny makan stall to the back where it was open on all sides but had a roof.  He insisted Savannah eat a roti canai (fried bread with curried dhal) so she agreed and we sat there in a comfortable silence, since my behasa is very limited and his english none. He was a very good host, asking for ice when he saw that Savannah’s teh tarik was a bit hot for her to drink, and then asking for some susu (condensed milk ) to accompany her dahl and roti.

We were surrounded by malay men all eating their roti canais and mee gorengs for breakfast.  I never see women eating in these stalls in the mornings.  Seems to be the mens domain.  Soon we were all off, him shuffling alongside us.  I knew that it would take us about an hour to get back home.  Luckily for us, he waved us off at the mosque and we were off quickly on our way back home.

Savannah is wanting to do something special for him, we just have to think what it is still.  Lets see what tomorrow morning has in store for us in the padi fields. I will take my camera with me the next time .



  1. magical. it is moments like these that fuel my passion for exploring a world different to what I know.

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