Posted by: savayla | February 2, 2010

Animal mornings and nature journals

Today’s walk was one of animals.  Savannah and Ayla came with me on our morning jaunt through the padi fields and kampong.   Our first encounter was with the cow we are busy making friends with.  He was lowing away, and we went up to give him a big scratch .  He seemed to like that.

Next was the rabbit whom we had seen the other day. A young malay girl of about 4,  fresh from her shower and powder, had the rabbit on her verandah in a basket.  The girls went right up to her and asked if they could stroke the rabbit.  She didn’t understand them, so I tried with my limited bahasa ” Selamat pagi, apa khaba anda hari ini ? ”  (Good morning, how are you today ?)   Her mouth twitched into a small smile .  The girls had a good rub and then we were off.  This is meant to be an exercise walk after all.

On the way back, we saw a huge goose with a large black beak and head.  They are such funny creatures and he was entertaining us by running along the ground, his beak close to the ground, catching grasshoppers.  We walked up to him, the girls fearfully.  I gave him a good scratch on his neck and chest.  He dipped his head towards my toes then up again.  I gave him another scratch.  He then  went around me and bit Ayla on the thigh.  Poor girl, she was howling as it was a nasty bite  and Savannah and I were laughing as it was very comical.

Next stop, about 500 metres from home, was the mother hen and her 8 chicks.  They were perfectly positioned, so Savannah roped Ayla into helping her catch one.  The problem was, Savannah was scared as she had been attacked by a protective mommy hen a few months back.  So she was about 3 meters behind Ayla !!!  I looked on in amusement as they tried to corner the chicks in a bush.  They eventually separated two from its mom and I caught it.  But , before we could ooh and aah, we noticed that the one that had escaped, was now being stalked by one of the cats.  Had to get it to its mom who had all the other chicks under her, wall against her back.  Chick back with mom.  Home again.

Oh, we did manage to do a bit of a nature study on the mango tree.  We took some leaves, two young fruit and the flower.  For school today, after our other school, we started our nature journal.  We did a leaf rubbing, drew the fruit and f lower and a tree.  Labelled them with the common name, genus, and that it was indigenous to India.   With Kevin Kern playing in the background, it was a perfect nature journal day.


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