Posted by: savayla | February 5, 2010

Butter and Henna

For homeschooling we are busy doing an Indian block with the story of Mirabai.  She was a devouted worshipper of Krishna, born into a royal household.  She grew up believing that she would marry Krishna.  After her husband died, she escaped from the palace and went to worship with the Untouchables and other villages.  She spent her years wondering through-out India, singing, dancing and worshipping Krishna with people from all walks of life.

We always start a specific cultural block with the trickster stories of that culture.  So these revolved around young Krishna who was always up to tricks, and the jackal.  Krishna would always steal the butter, yoghurt and milk from his neighbours, even giving them to the monkeys when he was full.

So, for one of our crafts, we decided to make butter.  I ordered 3 litres of raw milk from our local friendly farm cheesemaker, and we followed these instructions.

I was a bit wary of how it would turn out, as the milk is apparently not very rich.  But we followed the instructions and before we knew it …. 2 excited little girls running around the house chanting “we made butter, we made butter, we made butter “.

What blew our minds was that I threw most of the milk away as we don’t drink milk, couldn’t keep it for longer than 3 days, and there was no space.  But I forgot some in a tupperware which sat out all night.  The next morning, we had this lovely cheese which was similar to feta cheese.  It was so delicious.  If you leave ordinary, pasturized milk out for the night in the heat, it goes sour.  There are no live bacteria anymore.  This turns into a wicked cheese.  Shows you how  sterile our milk is !!

We start the mornings off lighting our incense and listening to our Indian music after our circle time. We even have all the bangles up our arms for our dancing. At school the other day, Ayla came back from her room with a red dot in the  middle of her forehead which she had painted on with face paint.

This week we decided to do some henna.  We had this professionally done to us when in Singapore a few months ago, and it was beautiful.  Man, I do appreciate their artwork and creativity. It was so difficult but came out nicely for a first attempt.  Even Kyle had a small mark on his foot.

All in all, it has been a lovely block, which will continue for the following 2 weeks into our math block.

Savannah shaking the cream to get the butter

Savannah pressing the butter to get the buttermilk out

Butter on the left, cheese on the right from the leftover milk left out all night

Me putting the finishing Henna touches to Ayla's hand

Savannah's turn

Mommy's turn


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