Posted by: savayla | February 8, 2010

Nature Journals

Our early morning walks have sprouted into keeping a nature journal, something I have been wanting to do for a while.  There is so much to see, and the moment we are have started with the various fruit  trees around us.  The first day it was the mango tree, next was the papaya tree, which also seems to grow quite wild.  The girls want to do the coconut tree next.  There are all the birds, and rice padi fields, wter buffalo, cows, frogs and snakes too.

We have been using the leaves for leaf rubbings, and collecting any other parts of the tree that we can like the young fruit, the flowers or buds.  We then examine a few trees and look at the different ways the trunks grow, and the shape of the foliage.  At home, we look it up on the internet and get more information, like which country they are indigenous to, their genus, etc.

We don’t have access to a library and are moving to New Zealand, so I will wait to buy the specific scientific books such as insects, birds, trees, flowers, etc.

Here are a few links that have helped me start the journals :

For our month long camping trip in New Zealand, we will be doing some circle time and then nature journalling.  I stumbled across this ebook  – Nature talks to New Zealanders –  , which I will be downloading and using .It has me really excited, what a way to introduce a new country to oneself and your kids.

This is the link

Savannah's Mango Tree

Savannah's Papaya Tree entry

Ayla's Mango Tree

Ayla's Papaya Tree



  1. These are great nature journals. I hope you enjoy nature talks with New Zealanders. I would love to have read this book while travelling.
    Have a great holiday!

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