Posted by: savayla | February 12, 2010

Echo Clapping

Thursday nights have evolved into pizza nights at our house.  Daddy Kyle makes them while we sit at the table in front of the kitchen and amuse ourselves.  He always plays his favourite CD, Jason Mraz, loud.

Last night I was busy going through all my Enki binders as I am packing up to ship them to New Zealand, and also preparing a file for 2 months of school.   I love reading through these binders as it is a wealth of information and you miss so much.  I found beautiful autumn poems (yeah, I am going to a country with seasons !! ), and a few games too.  Ayla was busy drawing and Savannah was writing in her diary.

Autumn Poem  –  The Thief  ,  by Irene Pawsey

Autumn wind came stealing through the woods one day

and creeping round the tree he stole their beauty all away.

He tore their russet dresses, combed off their golden hair

He blew away the tattered bits and left them brown and bare.

Then I found something called Echo clapping.  You clap your hands to a rythm and the child echoes it back.

By the time we had started this, very basically, Kyle had finished the last pizza and sat down to join us.  I have always wanted to learn to play the drums and he has a natural talent for it as he was in a band.  His eldest brother is a drummer.

I then went and put on Queens –  We Will Rock You , LOUD !   The clapping and drumbeat rhythm is hair raising.  The girls were closing their eyes, and moving their bodies and hands on the table, to the rhythm.   The song then changed and Kyle taught us why it is called Rock music.  Because it has a rock rhythm.

There we all were, music blaring loudly, and us all trying our hand at the rock, almost swaying , tap on the table.  Once I got into the rhythm, I was almost transported back 20 years to being in a disco.  Do they call them disco’s anymore ??

That was our night of Rock music and pizza.  I love those family evenings.

Girls listening to We will Rock You


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