Posted by: savayla | February 13, 2010


How I used to hate the rain and the cold.  Living on a yacht in Hout Bay Harbour, Cape Town, for 3 years, was enough for me.  Even though we used to fly to Natal for the winter every year, that icy wind and rain still got to me during the summer and  autumn months.  So much so, that it actually turned me against going to live in New Zealand.

We have not had rain here in Langkawi for over 2 months and it is really hot and humid.  More so than usual.  At nights the aircons go on, and we are showering and swimming twice a day.  I love it when it rains.  The weather cools down, the grass goes green, and I get to wear jeans .  My, how life has changed and how my opinion of rain has done a 360.

I am hoping that when we get to New Zealand, and it rains, and  rains, and rains, that I will develop a different outlook than I had in South Africa.  That I will see it as Robert Loveman does, who wrote this beautiful poem below.  It is from my Enki binders.  One of the poems I have chosen for us to learn for school as the girls are really learning and reciting their poetry beautifully nowadays and love it too.

April Rain

by Robert Loveman

It isn’t raining rain to me,

It’s raining daffodils;

In every dimpled drop I see

Wild flowers on the hills.

The clouds of gray engulf the day

And overwhelm the town –

It isn’t raining rain to me,

It’s raining roses down.

It isn’t raining rain to me,

But fields of clever bloom

Where any buccaneering bee

May find a bed and room.

A health unto the happy;

A fig for him who frets –

It isn’t raining rain to me,

It’s raining violets.


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