Posted by: savayla | April 15, 2010

Kia Ora !!

I have not posted for what feels like at least 2 months.  Since I left Langakwi.  I have thought of many posts all the time, but when you are continually on the go and in different houses and countries, from Kuala Lumpur to Australia to New Zealand, it is not that easy.

Having said that , it has also been great to be away from this black little monster that seems to ensnare me.

I am now in Dunedin, New Zealand.  This is in the South Island, near the bottom.  New Zealand is truly Gods Country.  So beautiful.  We have been setting up camp as we go along from the North Island to the South, but tonight we are in a cabin as we arrived late and it is just too cold outside.

I have so much to write about, and this will only start happening once we get settled in our new house in Nelson at the end of the month.  All my plans of schooling went out the window as we have been too busy and always on the go.  I am not too bothered though, as this is officially our 2 month end of year break.

So, until the next post, which will be sometime …. sometime ……



  1. wow… I hope it’s all going well for you.. i have not had good internet on the boat so I’m now catching up with all your posts. What an exciting time you are having – can’t wait to see what you make of your new life once you are settled in x

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