Posted by: savayla | May 7, 2010

Settling in Nelson, New Zealand

After travelling across the Width and Breadth of New Zealand, from North to South , we have finally settled in Nelson New Zealand.  Always a stickler for facts and details, we are not in Nelson per se, but   38 km from the city centre, in a rural area called Upper Moutere.  This is half way between Mapua and Motueka. I could carry on boring you with the details like we are 41 degrees South Latitude in Nelson city by the port.  But I won’t .

We have settled in remarkably well and quickly , as it usual for gypsy’s.  This is what Ayla calls us.   We arrived on Friday night, after having walked the Fox Glacier the previous day, and by Sunday we were already lazily ensconced in the Woolaston Winery Harvest Festival.    Down the road from us, we had our wine taste, chose our lovely bottle of 2006 Pinot Noir, and sat back to enjoy the live band Fez, and have our venison salami, camembert and  olive picnic.  We had thought of having a pizza, but what we had brought was enough for our palates.

The girls had a wonderful time dancing, playing, climbing trees.  We got to people watch to see the type of people around.  We were pleased.  Sound arrogant ?  Well, this is the rest of our lives we are talking about , and not to be taken lightly.

Since then we have become well known by the farmers at the various markets.  And that is only two so far !!!  From the Motueka Sunday market to the Wednesday Farmers Market in Nelson.  Saturday we traipse the famous Nelson Saturday Market in Montgomery Square car park.

That is where I parked my car today when I took the girls to their first homeschooling outing. To the Penguino Ice cream parlour.  It was an interesting one and a half hours in the kitchen, learning how gellato’s and sorbet’s were made, watching the process and tasting the outcomes.  At the end we were all given an ice-cream. Thanks Philip !!!

The girls managed to pick up their first friend in Nelson , an 8 year old named Lorna.  It was nice to see all the “free range ” homeschooled kids there.  All dressed in their gumboots, second hand clothes and free thinking attitudes.  So polite, so caring.  No judgments .

Lorna lives in a community village called Riverside.  Lorna came home with us to play with the chickens, Ben the pig, and to have fun.  I took her home and the girls and myself were introduced to community living.  Very interesting.

And this has been our lives in Nelson so far.  Getting to know the area, feeding windfall apples to the animals, making an incubator so that Savannah can hatch a chick and it can call her mama.  Walking to a beach that has a pebble beach and not a sand one.  Loving all the environmental goodies that you get here like bio-degradable dustbin bags, paper cellulose bags instead of plastic ones, good meat, fresh from the farmer fruit and veges.

We are heaven, the honeymoon period some would say.  But, I will enjoy it all the same.



  1. wow, it sounds like you have landed right where you need to be. Fabulous and so glad that you are feeling at home. Honeymoon or not, enjoy it for sure x

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