Posted by: savayla | May 7, 2010

What are you scared of tackling ?

It seems to me that it is not only children that are scared of trying something new in case they fail, but adults too.  What are you scared of ?

I have a list that I have started to tackle, as I have got older and realised that I am being soooo stupid, and that all I have to lose is some time and maybe a bit of cash if it goes wrong.

I used to be scared of working with gelatine.  I have not idea why now.  It was a recipe for  a delicious cheese cake that finally made me throw caution to the wind and use it in a recipe.  What a shock to realise that I had been missing out so much.  This tiny grain or leaf is not to be feared.  You simply warm it up with some other liquid and mix it in.  How could I have been so scared of that ?  I guess it goes deeper.  It goes into being scared of failure, so we would rather not try, than fail.  Thank goodness my children are not being taught that as I school them.  I encourage them to try and if they fail, well, they can try again until it is out of their system.

I have a friend who has never used yeast.  This is much like gelatine.  Nothing to it.  Like a friend, you have to get to know it to appreciate its qualities.

Zips.  I have always been terrified of sewing anything that had a zip and avoided them at all costs.  Until I decided to do all the uphostery on our yacht.  We worked out that the cost of just one job outsourced would be the price of  a heavy duty sewing machine.  So there I was, looking at all this upholstery.  I wheedled myself out of the cushions by putting velcro into them. But this works on a boat, as the zips can rust and the cushions get serious wear and tear.  SO I told myself.  Until I came to the complicated job of making sides , with acrylic windows, for the doghouse.  Jeez, whose bright idea was it to put me in charge of the upholstery ?? !!!

Hubby is very practical so he sketched out all the diagrams for me and did the measurements.  Now it was for me to just find a large enough area to lay out the material, measure it all, cut it, then sew.  Simple.   Huh !!   My fears were still there so I thought about it for 2 weeks before attempting the first cut.  I would literally wake up going through all the steps .  It was the last thought as i went to bed too.

When I finally plucked up the courage, I could not believe that a zip was sooo easy.  Wow, I had been missing out on so much.

Where do we lose our confidence to climb a tree and hang off a branch from our legs ?

I have learnt that when we think we can’t do something, we only need to try .  Maybe we can’t, but at least we have tried.

How can I tell my daughters that there is no such word as can’t , if I am not tackling simple things like gelatine and zips.

I can’t ….so get out there, climb that tree and hang !!!



  1. You are so right. All the little things that seem fearful get swept under the carpet, not today, maybe another time, without us acknowledging that we are scared. My current little frisson I call “going to Livorno”. I have 4 cats, there is a supermarket size pet store there where I can get them a choice of the best food, in big sizes. It’s somewhere I haven’t been before, and I have kept thinking how can I read the directions and drive and avoid crazy Italian drivers… I’ll do it next week. Isn’t that nuts?
    And the little fears are only the tip of the iceberg, reminding us of the big stuff that would be SO much better faced, talked about, worked through…
    So I’m taking a leaf out of your book and it’s on the calendar for next week, go to Livorno.
    Thankyou! Liz

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