Posted by: savayla | May 13, 2010

A wind swept walk

We had a terrific wind last night that reminded us of  Hout Bay in Cape Town, when we lived on the boat.  Like our yacht, this cottage is wooden, and like our yacht, we were safe and cozy in its belly.   I was up at 2am, listening to it roaring its way down the valley and wondering if a tree branch would perhaps smash into the car.

I woke up this morning and didn’t want to get out of bed.  Our bedroom takes up half the house in a loft upstairs, and one of the  windows overlooks the paddock and pastures.  Tammy the horse was looking cold and hungry, and I felt like just snuggling in bed for the rest of the day.  I know the girls would be keen !!!

But I didn’t.  I made the rice pudding for breakfast from last nights left over rice.  As Savannah has problems with dairy, and I follow a gluten-free and food combining diet, I made it with rice milk, raisins, one serving of Orgran No Egg and one egg yolk.  It was simply delicious with  some cinnamon sprinkled on top.

After my shower, in which I rubbed fresh lemon juice with a drop of lavender into my scalp as I had been having dandruff problems (stopped itching after the first application ) I stepped outside to hang up my towel.  I went back inside to fetch a pear for Tammy but couldn’t find her in the paddock.  What struck me though, was that although it was a blustery day (as Pooh Bear would call it ), it was a fantastic day.  So young and fresh feeling.

I called the girls, told them to put on their clothes and gumboots and we would walk down to the beach and do our morning circle on the way.  It was a wind swept walk, but so invigorating.  It is about 10 minutes, through the next door neighbours pastures and past his apple orchard.  The grass plain we walk along meanders in curves as it follows the gully .  A large flock of small birds suddenly filled the space in front of us as we skipped and sang along through the grass.  Toshka the dog had caught up with us and had disturbed them .

We walked right down to the beach, which had made its presence heard through the rumbling of the waves across the pebbles.  Being a pebble, and not sand, beach, as the waves rush back they roll the pebbles and it is quite musical.  The sea was angry after the storm from last night, so it was mesmerizing just sitting there and listening.

We carried back our piece of driftwood we had found on an earlier walk, and which we want to make a candle holder out of.  I wish that I could have taken a photo of the girls as we reached the top of the hill, in their gumboots, their hair windswept, their cheeks rosy and big grins on their faces.  The background was the angry sea .  It was lovely.

I far more enjoyed this walk than a day in bed.


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