Posted by: savayla | May 14, 2010

Why use Organic Cotton ?

I have always sought out clothes or linen that was 100 % cotton, shying away from the man made acrylics.

I was shocked to read the other day, that 25 % of all chemicals used in the world, is used in the growing of cotton.  So, not only are we wearing something that is potentially toxic in its growing, on our skins, but it is also devastating to the environment.

This brings to mind the whole saga of Monsanto and the cotton farmers in India.  When Monsanto brought in its Bt cotton, it promised the farmers the world.  What they have been left with are low produce, high suicide rates due to debt, cancers due to the toxic pesticides that are used (and have been banned in Europe and the US ) .

Read this link  if you have never heard of this problem .

So what do you buy ?  Organic cotton, hemp, 100 % fine merino wools.  It is not an easy or cheap way to live your life, but you have to start making these choices some time as mostly, especially concerning your health, it will be cheaper in the long run.

Having said that, I am sitting here, wearing one 70% merino wool, 30 % alpaca slipper which I finished knitting last night.  I have still to knit the other.  It is comfortable and warm and for the same price, I could have bought an acrylic pair, but where is the fun in that.



  1. I’ve always wondered why everyone doesn’t own a sheep or two. Well, I mean, other than the fact that zoning probably prohibits that in a lot of areas (which I personally think is ridiculous) — sheep are clean and quiet, they mow the grass and turn it into fertilizer, and you can wear their coats when they are done with them! If everyone who had at least a 50′ x 50′ yard would keep 3 sheep, there would be enough good organic wool to keep everyone clothed. There would be no chemicals applied to keep lawns green, or gas burned to keep lawns mown.

    A better world via shepherding!!

    • So true. A sheep or two is next on our list. First is PR !!! Actually , first may be a chicken which Savannah wants to hatch in her home-made incubator. Nothing fancy like yours, but it should work.

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