Posted by: savayla | June 3, 2010

Out of Rhythm

I seem to have lost my rhythm lately.  I have had to stare at my computer for so long, reading my new Grade 3 information in time for our conference call to the USA.  Had the first one this morning and it was fantastic.  Thank goodness Kyle fixed my skype so there was no echo and there was 2 1/2 hours of incredible information sharing.

I guess I should not be hard on myself as we have only been in our new home for 1 month.  New country, new home.  Absolutely loving it.  Have fitted in very well, as usual.  But, from going from South Africa where there was only one homeschooling family that we had play dates with, and a life of general unschooling, working on the yacht, kids swimming next to the seals.  To Langkawi, Malaysia, where we had specific playdates in the late afternoon due to the heat, and I knew that Thursday nights was pizza night (Kyle makes them ), and sleepover night (Athirah and Danise came over ), and Fridays was half day as this is the weekend in the muslim calendar.  To …. New Zealand .  Where, I joined the local homeschooling group  , Tasman Home Educators , straight away and was suddenly driving around Nelson on different outings.  The ice-cream shop, the aquarium with accompanying sausage sizzle, paper aeroplane making, and we will next go to the Suter Art Gallery.  Oh, I think there is a trip to the SPCA on the cards.  Don’t know if I should do that one, because as tough as I am, Savannah is tougher than me and always wins when it comes to animals.  I think she knows that I have a weakness for a soft little tongue and a sad look.

So there are all my excuses in one go.  I must make an effort to continue with this.  It is so easy to make excuses.

I will do it after the Queens Birthday Weekend, ….. there I go again !!!!


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