Posted by: savayla | June 7, 2010

A Happy Healthy Kids Birthday

Ayla’s (and mine of course ) birthday was coming up and she had a few requests.  A pinata which she has always wanted, a Hannah Montana cake (but If could not do it , a monster cake would do just fine ), and Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast, with me reading the book to her friends.  She then decided that she wanted a pin the tail on the donkey.  And this became Pin the Tail, Leg and Eye  on the Wonkey Donkey, after a New Zealand book with wonderful lyrics, about a Wonkey Donkey.

I can do all this.  This was the easy part.  The part that had me stressed and reaching for my wine come 6pm, was how to make it a wheat-free, dairy free, as healthy as can be, party that the kids would still enjoy.   And this included the filling for the Pinata which is traditionally filled with sweets.

I had an idea of what I would do.  Ayla and I headed off the to shops, while Savannah stayed behind to finish making Ayla’s present.  I had my shopping list for the maize, banana and carrot muffins that I always made at home, so that was no problem.  The cake would be my usual recipe, but with glute-free flour.  We decided on organic popcorn instead of chips (crisps ),  roasted almonds and dried mixed berries (raisons, sultanas, blueberries and some other that escapes my mind ), dried pears, Ayla chose dried mangoes and dried pineapple that she wanted in her pinata, some gluten free but bars that were really yummy and that we had picked up from the Farmers Market earlier, and that was it.

Kids enjoying their feast

I bought two packets of sweets, that were artificial colour and flavour free.  They were seriously nice as made from real fruit.  And 2 litres of pure fruit juice.

Back home, I made the cake.  It flopped !!!  I knew it even before I stuck it into the oven.  Made two more and turned the first one into a wicked chocolate mud brownie with dark chocolate and organic hazelnuts spread .

Kids arrived at 11am.  Ayla had set the table outside and after only 10 minutes of playing they wanted food.  Started with the muffins.  Success.  Then the chocolate mud cake … success.  Then took it all out.  It was so heartening to see the kids, 5 girls and 1 boy aged from 6-9 1/2 all chatting and enjoying the food.  I did not hear one “But where are the sweets ? ” comment.  Once they were satisfied, they all ran off.  The rest of the party went well, and included a raw egg and spoon race which was so exciting for the kids.  After a walk to the beach where they covered  a dead penguin they had found and made some interesting sand buildings, they devoured all the free range chicken wings and drumsticks which I had made to my usual recipe (marinated in soya sauce, olive oil, brown sugar, fresh garlic and fresh ginger ) .

The Pinatas was the big test. There were 3 large eggs.  In each I had placed the nut and fruit bars (one for each child ) and a brown paper bag (tied with hemp yarn ) which had a few of the natural sweets, some roasted almonds, and dried fruit.  And a balloon.  That was it.  They loved it, and were very possessive over their packets.

Ayla hitting the Pinata she made

Supper was a polenta bake with a tomato, eggplant, red pepper and courgette topping., and melted cheese.  They all loved it, except Ayla who doesnt’ like tomato so I made hers with just cheese .

Breakfast was green eggs and ham.  Gross looking but Ayla loved it.  One of the girls, Lorna, said that she did not want hers green due to the food colouring.  This is when my second bout of stress kicked in.  I thought I had been so smart and checked the ingredients.  It did not have an E in front of it.  Lo and behold, I was feeding them chemicals and tartrazine.   I was so stressed about it and ended up gobbling a bright green egg and ham .  It was a sight.

Ayla eating her Green Eggs and Ham

But, no experience is bad, and since then, I have started researching natural food colourings .  I can’t wait to try the beetroot red, the avo  green, tumeric (must be stale ) yellow, and spinach green.  Red cabbage can also be used.  I am also going to try carrots.  When I am successful and it does not taste like vegetable icing, I will post it.

I believe that everything should be eaten in moderation.  I think cakes should be made with butter and sugar.

The egg and spoon race on the field. It then moved onto the driveway so the eggs would break

Kids walking down to the beach



  1. Happy Birthday to you both!

    Sounds like a great party! Other than those green eggs and ham (gag! LOL).

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