Posted by: savayla | July 8, 2010


So much for my promise to myself to work on my blog.  I have no idea what it is , as I love writing.  I think I am still trying to settle down into a rhythm since we moved here.   We have been in New Zealand for 13 weeks now, in this cottage for 9 weeks.  Yet it seems to be so much longer.

School has not taken off like in Langkawi.  We are missing the rhythm too.  I think it is because we have not started a Sage yet, and have been doing Math and Spelling work, which tends to jump around.

The chickens have also go in the way.  Savannah, who wakes up grumpy and still half asleep, walks up to the heater to thaw out and get going, has a passion in her life. Chickens.  These have always been there, ever since my mom and dad gave her two Japanese Silkies for her 1st birthday when we moved onto a wine farm in Wellington, South African.  Named Bonnie and Clyde, she loved feeding them, and walking to their coop and coming back with an egg and telling me to “cook mommy”.  From them we eventually had 19 chickens.  We are wiser now and they are actually Peking Bantams. Not chickens.

Since then, Savannah has been what Kyle and I call in this houshold, chicken befokked.   Ever since we left the chickens behind , when she was 2 years old, she has targeted Chippies.  These are what she calls baby chicks.  She has chased and caught them in a rural village in Thailand, on the border of Burma, chased and caught them in Langkawi, been chased by a mother hen in Langkawi which was too funny to see.  When in Samoeng, in Northern Thailand we had to eventually tell her to shut up as she would yell out Chippies, STOP ! .  No, we are not stopping so that you can run around a persons yard chasing their chicks.  Her dream has always been to hatch a Chippie and let it think she is its mama.

Well, she has landed in heaven here where we are staying in New Zealand.  She has 24 chickens to play with.  When we arrived there were 13 of these 2 week old chicks, with their two moms.  Savannah took over the feeding for a while, until the early mornings got to her.  But she cleaned the coop, made them a playground, fed them in the afternoons, and talked to them continuously.  There were others in another paddock, but these were like her babies.  All the chickens  have since been put together and she has named all 24 and knows all their characters.  They are all different, and she has since identified them as Rhode Island Reds, Barred Plymouth Rocks, Purple Orpington, Light Sussex and I am not sure about the other white ones.

She and her dad built an incubator and she has been collecting eggs and trying to incubate them.  The problem is that none have been fertile.  We would check every 3 days, and by day 6 you should see veins, but nothing.  I told her that they would not hatch, but she was determined.  Well, yesterday they all went into Ben the pigs bucket.  She even phoned the local “fertilized egg ” lady, wanting to buy some eggs, even though the chickens are not laying at the moment.  She wisely chose 3 types of Peking Bantams, but will have to wait between 4-8 weeks for them to start laying as they are moulting at the moment.

She has a special touch with these chickens, and they trust her implicitly.

Yesterday things changed.  This was because, she had taken an egg from her favourite chicken, Googly (she has one dark eye and one light eye ) and it is fertile.  The girls were so excited, so hyped when they saw the veins and the dot, that Ayla stripped naked and went running around the house.  Reminded me of a crazed soccer fan, not that we have watched any of the soccer .

So now she is a clucking hen and I have to admit it can drive me a bit crazy.  She turns it twice a day, but is so worried it will overheat, she asks us about 10 times before she goes to bed, to remember to check the egg.  And the other night, she got up at 2:30 so she could check the egg.

I cannot wait for this little chick to be born, it will be one of the highlights of Savannah’s life and one which she has dreamed of forever.



  1. Oh, I SO hope it goes well and this little chick-in-porgress develops properly and hatches out for her! So much can go wrong during the incubating process (it always amazes me that life even manages to happen!), I hope this works out in the best possible way and Savannah can achieve her dream of being a chicken-mom! 🙂

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