Posted by: savayla | May 14, 2011

I’m Back !!

Hello, I’m back.

I am basically saying hello to myself, as I blog for myself and my family.  But I do love the fact that others do sneak in and read what I write, now and again.  And, if they can find anything useful, then it has been worth it.

I last posted in September 2010.  Why did I stop ?  Hell, I have no idea.  I just did.

Where am I now ?  The same place I was in September.  Well, a different house, about 10 minutes drive down the road. Or is that up ?  I never know.  We are now living in a much larger house.  This equates to larger mess, larger bills.  Don’t know if it is worth it.  Still a rental.  We live on a 29 hectare seudo eco park.  Our place is just under 1 acre though.  The reason I say Seudo, is that it started 1o years ago with the right ideas, but now it has become, as one of the people who once lived here said to me “A middle class wet mans dream “.  They don’t do organics, they spray with poisons, they don’t look after their orchards, their pastures are empty of animals except for 3 billy goats.  Not sure what they can provide, except for a nice smell.  And I have to pay $70 a month for this.  Oh, but we did get a bag of fruit in our letterbox in summer, and all 6 piece of fruit were still green.  Hmmmm, expensive fruit.  And they all zoot off to work in town.

Ok, so I am back with a vengeance.

Life has been up and down.  We are still loving it here in New Zealand, but we still do not have PR.  It has been an uphill battle with Kyle having to jump through many hoops in terms of medical tests.  And then the very last straw, the earthquake in CHCH.   Our file is buried in the Immigration building and cannot be retrieved.  URgh !!!!  Luckily we had made photocopies of every single paper, and they allowed us to send that.  But we are still waiting.

The ups have been making new friends through the homeschooling network, getting puppies and my pig dog, more chickens, and loving this area.

I will not blog everyday, as this is not a daily blog and no one is really that interested.  But I will blog.




  1. Well, some of us ARE that interested, but we’ll take what we can get! 😉

    Glad to see a post from you, would love to read more about what you’re up to. And maybe some pictures. (I’m greedy 😉

  2. yay! so cool to see your blog pop up in my reader!!!! I hope you will at least blog occasionally, just when the fancy takes you 😉 and I owe you an email (half-started in my draft folder) because I need to catch up P R O P E R L Y … but hey, you know how life gets. Good to see you back xxx

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