Posted by: savayla | December 30, 2011

The difficulty of food combining

I eat a strange diet.  Not only has my diet been totally gluten free for the past 8 years, but in the past 3 years, I have also included it to be food combining.

Food combining is where you never mix your carbohydrates with your proteins.  All meals are eaten 3 hours apart, to give your body time to completely process the food, before adding another one on top of it.  And, it seems to work wonders for my body.  Yeah !!!

Some people follow this diet very strictly, and there are so many different rules and charts about what to eat with what, that for me, I found it important to follow these loosely and listen to what my body was telling me.  That is  most important with any diet you follow.  Not what the expert is telling you, but what your body is telling you.

I found that my body can take pumpkin, which is meant to be a carbohydrate, and beans.  This has been a life saver for me.  Curry with pumpkin, not rice.  Stew with pumpkin, not rice.  Pumpkin chips, etc etc.  So much so, that my husband wishes that he never sees another pumpkin in his life again.   Of course, I think the real reason is because he has to chop them up as he is scared I will chop my fingers off !!!

My next frustration was crackers, bread, and pizza base.  I couldn’t eat bread or crackers with cheese or ham. And a pizza without cheese or salami ?   I mean, what is the point of living ???  So began my quest for the perfect bread and cracker using almond meal.  Because, almonds are protein.

I now use almond meal almost exclusively for all my baking, including this Xmas’s gingerbread house, my cakes, muffins, crumpets.

I will post the recipes on another post so that it is easier to find .




  1. Do you still food combine? I did many years ago but never stuck with it. Any time i read of new diets, plans, ways to eat food combining is always ringing in my mind. I need a change, to clean my system of some minor health issues (fibroids in my cervix). I keep thinking i need to recommit to food combining again!

    • Hi Kelly, I stopped combining about 10 months ago as I was so sick of following it. I had done it properly for years. I still find myself being wary of how much carbs I eat with protein. I tried to follow a paleo diet but my stomach seems to need potatoes and rice. But apart from rice I am pretty much grain free, which my body seems to like. I found that I needed to go back onto my probiotics and have also been taking natural progestone and I can feel the difference. Organic apple cider vinegar everyday, and raw coconut oil, will help your insides too. Good luck !

      • I can imagine food combining has got to be a bit of a nuisance at time! Glad you found a way of eating that works for you 🙂

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